by Tylor Vaughan

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Concept of the album- unbound
When I first recorded the ep entitled “the end of the line” it was about taking the action of standing up for yourself. This album by the name of “unbound” describes why I stood for myself. It is essentially a sequel to the ep “the end of the line” . “Unbound” is mostly about abuse, and getting through with your life while being abused. I think it requires for me to say that back when I used to live with my parents both as a kid and a young adult, I was abused verbally,emotionaly, financially, and in some cases, physically. It goes into detail about how I’ve suffered through this kind of treatment but still managed to be alive to this very day, considering that I had a lot of suicidal thoughts about this issue. I learned that the only one who has control of their own life is themselves, and that no one can take that away from them. Given that the main theme is about abuse, but the majority if not all of my songs are for open interpretation and that I’ve touched up on other topics such as, drug use, religious heresy, political and social rebellion, suicide, withdraw, isolation, revenge, and most importantly discovering your own identity by being yourself and taking shit from no one. For those going through abuse or just a rough time in general, I encourage people to listen to this album for everything that it is, instrumentally, and lyrically, trust me it does get better.

All songs Produced, performed, and written by tylor vaughan


released January 7, 2017



all rights reserved


Tylor Vaughan Arizona

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Track Name: Drown
Lyrics for drown


Will you forget me?

I won’t remember

Set my soul free

Burned by the ember

Ignited rage I’m in a cage

Like a cluster fuck of a broken sage

flying away, I’ll never stay

Damaged purpose left to scrape

Find my way to escape

Flying away, I’ll never stay

So on my way down

Only to watch you drown

your love to hate

Just to berate

Your faith is thin

Where the fuck have you been

Stuck in this empty space

Leaving you without a trace

Chorus- 2 x


I let you burn

The fire in my eyes

I Let you burn

This is where the compassion dies

I let you burn

Break free from this cell

Because I’m living in hell

Chorus- 3x

Chorus- 4x
Track Name: Defy
Lyrics for defy

you’ve left me
High and dry
The sickness inside this prison you call my home
The hate
In her eyes
You are a succubus in disguise
The needle
In his hand
Your rehabilitation didn’t go as planned

you’ve used me like a tool
I’ve become everybody’s fool
The truth you’ve denied
Your path i defy
You’ve been
Caught in a lie

my faith is so thin
You’ve made a mark
Of my
So called sin
Dehumanized like a whore
I won’t be patronized any more

Chorus- 2 x

the greed i feed
The fix you need
The life we used to live
Is broken beyond repair
And i don’t even care
The ties have been cut in two
And i blame you

Chorus- 3 x
Track Name: Simple ways
Lyrics for simple ways

Verse- give me all the reasons now

Got to get out somehow

Put my name in disgrace

Walking down an endless chase

To find what’s been lost

Chorus- I’ve lost my simple ways

And now i realize

That the world is rotting away

Take it back away from me

Verse- Isolate the masses on the medicine

Take my life because my breath is stale

The weight of the burdens is off the scale

The endless skies never looked so pale

Chorus- 2 x

Verse- I can’t breathe

From what’s underneath

Give me fire

This burning light is my desire

I’m in a world full of worthless lies

Chorus- 3x
Track Name: Renegade
Lyrics- renegade

Verse-all the hate that’s been containing

I can feel my heart restraining

From the fascist lies you spoon-fed

Ima shoot you down until your dead

For every fucking word you that said

Chorus- im just another fucking renegade

I will take down what you have made

Coming out like bullets on your carcass

Your lies are so goddamn worthless

Verse- get away get away, from the things that chase you

Step up to the things that you chase

I lived a life like a scapegoat

They want nothing but money down their throat

Got damned if i ever spoke of it

Fuck that shit they can choke on it

Chorus- 2x

Verse- i resent you for your ridicule

I resent you for your greed

I resent you for your sacred lies

You threw me out like a dog on the street

Gotta get back on my feet

You suck me dry to stay alive

Always putting my anger on a test drive

Track Name: Unbound
Lyrics for unbound

Break the chains I’m bind to

My hate unleashes on you

My fate is your reality

I had enough of your brutality

Chorus- I’m screaming, screaming now

I have become unbound

Screaming, screaming now

I have become unbound

As time passes by

Every second i feel the pain

As time passes by

Your right of passage will die in vain

Chorus- 2x

Verse- i can’t pretend

The lies you defend

I’ll be there just to watch you fall

The strength i gained to take it all

Chorus- 3x

Track Name: Break away
Lyrics for breakaway-

The taste of blood
When you backtrack your history
I won’t be tied down by your misery
Your generation is slow and tired
The sentiments are becoming weak
It burns and spreads like wildfire
Is this the result that you seek

I’ll turn around and break away
My life’s in a bound cause you’re in my way
I’ll watch your world turn to grey
I find the beast to take it out to slay

It’s a disease that we consume
You let the cycle resume
You break me down
And left me to bleed til I drown
Trapped within the sorrow of your fate passing on to me
I’m just a withered leaf on the family tree

You think you’ve won this game
Every time we die its all the same
The new blood will rise against the self-fulfilling prophecy
We will destroy the parasitic policy
Track Name: Downfall
Lyrics for downfall

How could i be so blind?

You’ve fucked up my mind

I used to have a voice

Now I’m left without a choice

Don’t stand next to me

I just want to be free

Fuck the world

There’s nothing left to love

Leave this place

It’s filled with hate

You are the reason my friend

This is the downfall right to the end

I’m insane

You do this in vain

As i cry to you

You know it’s through

This beast i hide is indestructible

Quit testing my patience and cut the bull

Chorus- 2x

Verse- you fell away

This hatred is self-sustaining

You fell away

My memory of you is never fading

You fell away

A part of me is broken in two

And I’ve let myself become you

Chorus- 3x
Track Name: Cutting the ties
Lyrics for: cutting the ties

Sowed to the skin
To show what's within
The beast has taken over
The hate that drove her

Pre-chorus-The traits of your burdens have carried on
To us and manifest
To our minds until we're gone
From everything that is wrong

Your tasteless, your Tasteless
When we cry
Your faithless, your faithless
When we die
Today we have fought for nothing
tonight when we dream well hope for something

You've lived for your lust
There's no gain for trust
Raised to be stupid by your sight
Yet your praised for your arrogance when we fight

You tell us lies by your side
You push me to suicide
Because of all that's said and done
As your children try to run


We must cut the ties
I spread my wings as I let my spirit fly
We do what we must
Let this golden image turn to rust
We choose to quit to live by the blind
And leave the hate behind

Track Name: Silence
Lyrics for silence

Verse- summer breeze

How i wish my mind was at ease

Hotter than hell

Voices in my head ringing like a bell

Break away

We try, to survive

You’re the reason i stay alive

Chorus- i feel alone from the start

These memories are tearing me apart

The heat is up when i turn you down

Silence is a sweet sweet sound

Verse- rain is scarce in this desert plain

Cooked flesh on the streets

When you search for a false god

The temple is your government of peace

Chorus- 2x

Verse- there is a ray of light

Cherish the ones that got your back

The ones who don’t are not worth the fight

In dire causes there’s nowhere to turn

You left me behind as i let you burn

Chorus- 3x
Track Name: Awake
Lyrics for awake

breathe in

The substance that takes your life

The smokes out

The window of light that blinds you

You fell away

From the shadows of where you hide

Your face is here to stay

When i close my eyes it still haunts my dreams

I’m wide awake,

I’m wide awake

My sanity is fried and my hearts no good

I’m wide awake,

I’m wide awake

Feeling high like i should

sleepless nights

Beneath the skin

Just feel like

Giving in

We fall apart from

The trust we give

Scrutinized by others for how we live

Chorus- 2x

don’t stop now,

I don’t know how

To make you discontinue your hatred

And I’ll never miss you for what you’ve instigated

Chorus- 3x
Track Name: Fallen Angels
Lyrics for Fallen angels

Verse- Look in to my eyes

And tell me what you see

We are the broken people to the pupil

Bloodshot and weak

We are isolated

From our fears and never fall asleep again

There’s a truth in every lie

But now i don’t believe a word you say

I dream of a god that forgives me

But now the only thing to look up to is the sky

Chorus- fallen angles

Shot down to the earth

Fallen angles

Shot down to the earth

We call this home by the man that forsakes us

Unleash the demon inside

Verse- we call it heaven

We call it hell

We are lost souls within the soil

I’ve been betrayed

You’ve been indoctrinated

By the sight of the wolves

You are a flock of sheep

By the pack you and i were both meant to lead

We make the way to breed

Its either us or them

We are the spirits of ordinary men

Chorus- 2x

Verse- the men of war are marching

For who’s right

But then realize who’s really left

I believe in the soul

But never a heavens king in a throne

I felt so enslaved

From what you try to succeed

Drinking heathens by the blood

The men who died for a lost cause

Is blinded by the fold in which he’s dressed

Just to see whether or not if he’s blessed

Chorus- 3x